To My Future Children

Dearest Little Ones,
You may not be here yet, but you’re still important to me and I already love you. But when you do come into this life, there is something very important that you need to know.
Addiction is not a good thing, and nobody is immune. No parent raises their child to be an addict, and nobody goes into anything wanting to be one. Addictions are forged in chains of blood and bind you tighter than anything on this earth could ever do. Most of the people I know didn’t know that they were going to end up addicted, and once you’re addicted, it doesn’t go away.
Drugs may be the first thing you think of when you hear the word “addiction”. While it’s true that drugs are addictive, and it’s a good thing that so many people know that, there are other things you don’t hear about nearly as often that are just as addictive. Pornography, Cutting/Self Harm, I’ve even seen things like shopping get out of hand.
No matter the addiction, we all share the same message with you: don’t start. Don’t ever start. Once you start it’s near impossible to stop, and even if you stop, even if you’re clean for fifty years, you’re still a recovering addict. You still are addicted, you still want it, and while it gets easier, you can still go back at any moment.
In your lifetime you will know multiple addicts. Including me, I never knew self harm would be this way. We’re people, just like any other people, and you can’t judge. Just love them for who they are, but don’t let them get you started.
It may be hard, it may start as trying to fulfill a curiosity. But if you never start, you’re all the better for it. After you start, it’s an eternal war with the deepest, darkest recesses of your soul. A never ending battle with your basest desires. I don’t want to see you go through that.
Once you’re here, if you need help with anything I’m here. So many kids don’t have a great relationship with their parents – I want to be your best friend. And I’ll be honest with you if you have any questions.


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