Over the weekend

We lost another one. I didn’t know her, I don’t know who it is, she wasn’t even in the same state anymore. Suicide and depression is a growing concern, and we need to all be aware of it. There is a famous quote that says “in the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Speak up, be a friend. Be the one person to stand up, or the person to smile at them or something. We can’t lose any more lives, we can’t tear apart any more families. Be kind, and don’t joke about suicide or self harm, that only adds to the hurt, guilt and shame. Let’s all reach out to those in need. There are many great websites that talk about warning signs to look for, and there’s always somebody who can help. If you are going through this, let someone you trust know. If you know someone, be a friend, and get some help. You never know what could save – or end – a life.


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