For a friend

So, a friend I have is trying to raise funds to study abroad in Costa Rica.  I have no money to donate, so I figure this is the second-best thing.  If there’s anything that you can do to help, here’s the link.  thanks much 🙂


Pinterest Problems…

So I’ve become addicted to pinterest.  It’s kind of a bad thing, especially since I’m already being swamped with homework, and haven’t written much of anything lately.  Moodswings have improved from my last update, which is nice.  Hopefully I will start doing better with keeping this updated.


So, any addicts out there, I completely feel your pain.  Being clean is dang hard.  I haven’t cut in almost seventeen months, but all of a sudden the addiction is kicking me in the teeth.  But if I can do it, anyone can.  Don’t be afraid when it comes back every so often.  Just do what you can, and keep going.  If relapse happens, then start over and try again, there’s no shame in that.  For anyone else, don’t start.  Don’t even start, it’s a plea from all of us.