I’m disgusted

So, I guess a bunch of eleven year olds were shown some pretty… lovely photos in school, and I’m just … I’m done. This was something put together by a bunch of medical professionals, and honestly? I look up to the medical profession a lot. I hope to join their ranks someday and help out both medically and from a psychiatric point of view. But there are people who are give people a very bad name. The people that put this together, the whole situation in the Boston Hospital keeping Justina there, and REFUSES to give her back to her parents… in case you didn’t know about that, Justina had been being treated for a mitochondrial disease, she was medicated, she had documentation, everything, and she was hurting and so her parents brought her into the hospital. They decided that she didn’t have a mitochondrial disease, she had a somataform disease, so now she’s being treated psychiatrically, and they have taken away her medication for the mitochondrial disease. Now she can’t even walk. Her parents were given a gag rule and cannot regain custody of their daughter. Pray for Justina and pray for this country.


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