Sage Prologue

“What are you going to do about it? You have no one on your side. The best hope you had, those pitiful sprites, are all irreversibly gone, and you six are the only ones to put up an objection. You couldn’t do less if you were worms. You are worms. Submit while I’m still being pleasant.”
“I told you that’s not going to happen.” Hauk hissed. And, to the horror of the five remaining members of The Circle and to the shock of Aofeth, Hauk sent a wall of fire hurdling towards the city’s conqueror.
It did little damage, just put him in shock. Hauk, realizing he had just betrayed their secret, also stood, stunned.
The six were not well-trained enough to have even a hope of fighting Aofeth off. They wouldn’t ever be able to run from Aofeth, either. In their panic, instinct took over.
Each channeled a rope of their magic Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Spirit, and Time combined into one, sending a torrent of power into the air. The Circle was barely aware of Aofeth as they watched the rope hit a point and flatten, watching as walls and a roof formed – a building made from the purest form of elements. As soon as the building finished its construction, the light flashed brighter and seemed to solidify before disappearing entirely.
“That was useful.” Elesina muttered sarcastically.
Aofeth’s gaze moved from the space the building had previously occupied to the group of astounded people. A menacing grin grew on his face.
They ran, wondering what was within the building, and they stepped into the shadow of a half-standing wall.
Aofeth stopped as the six disappeared. He looked back where the magic building had been. He knew the nature of the elements better than the circle, and knew where they were.
“You cannot escape me,” he whispered. “Either you stay in that building forever or you come out and face me. I’ll be waiting.”


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